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Are you looking to set up business in India? If yes, then now you don't need to worry about it. We are a firm of Accountants and CPAs offering a wide range of services like, set up business in India, company incorporation in India, accounting and payroll outsourcing, compliance management, cross border expertise, human resource management services, etc under one roof. The firm was established by a team of experienced professionals who can help with set up business in India process. We have our headquarters in Bangalore with offices all across India. With our capability to decode and resolve difficult issues and actively engage with clientele, we've positioned ourselves as a one-stop solution with professional service offerings under one roof. We have built niche set up business in India service offerings with a focused and meticulously arranged and process-oriented approach. Our commitment to value-added and qualitative service delivery can be reaffirmed by the greatest trust placed in us by our clients. Our strength lies in the capacity to combine in-depth skills of cross-sections of the business with the specialized skills of our experts, spread across our huge network. If you want to set up business in India, TYA can be the right choice for you for your Company Incorporation In India needs.

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India Is Ideal Place to Start A Business

Now set up business in India without any trouble. With a huge market of 1.3 billion individuals, India is a place of business interest for many across the world. We help to establish your business in foreign and that too in an economically advancing country like India, it requires the ideal professional support. From starting the Liaison Office to the Branch Office and Project Office, at TYA you are going to get the right assistance to thrive your business in India.

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Our Set up business In India professional approach helps the client save their time and money. Our team of Accounts Payable outsourcing experts help clients in each and every segment of their business requirement and enable them to set up business in India. All our segment experts work as one team to provide the best advisory to clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why to set up business in India ?

    According to the ongoing report from the World Bank, the simplicity of working together in India has improved to a considerable amount after a series of changes. Things are significantly more agreeable for organizations in regards to paying of taxes, get construction license, and continue with cross border transactions. According to the "Doing Business 2019", India highlights in the list of top 10 most improved economies. From infrastructure, automotive, chemical to drugs, textiles, and others with a populace of 1.36 billion, India can offer the most conspicuous market to perform procedures.

  • 2. Why companies outsource their payroll ?
    Organizations outsource their payroll and set up business in India services because it spares time and effort. Payroll outsourcing likewise limits the need for having a gifted team in-house. Organizations likewise get the services of experts who have immense experience and ability in payroll management.
  • 3. How much will the payroll process outsourcing cost ?
    There are a ton of components that will oversee the expense of outsourcing the payroll services. We recommend you call or visit our official website for a meeting or consultation. In view of your employee count and prerequisites, we will give you a quote for the process of payroll outsourcing.
  • 4. How can foreign companies open Liaison Office or Branch Office in India ?
    Foreign businesses hoping to set up Liaison Office or Branch Office in India need to apply through Form FNC alongside the necessary records to the General Manager of the Foreign Exchange Department under the Central Office Cell of RBI. In any case, the application ought to be handled through an Authorized Dealer Bank.
  • 5. Is there any limit or minimum requirement in the net worth value of a foreign company willing to establish BO or LO in India ?
    A foreign organization ready to set up a BO in India must declare/show a total asset balance at least USD 100,000 or its equivalent according to their most recent Audited Balance Sheet. On account of the Liaison Office, the value ought to be at least USD 50,000 or identical.
  • 6. Can Liaison Office or Branch Office have more than one bank account in India ?
    The answer is a big NO! If a Liaison Office or a Branch Office needs to have more than one account, they have to get consent from the Reserve Bank of India through its AD Category I bank while clearly mentioning the reason for it.
  • 7. Is it possible for Liaison Office, Branch Office, or Project Office to acquire property in India for their operations ?
    While Liaison Offices can't secure property, Branch Offices and Project Offices can have a property for their own utilization. They can continue with coincidental or allowed exercises but can't offer lease or rent on their property.
  • 8. Does a Liaison Office come under the taxation policy of India ?
    A Liaison Office doesn't guarantee any pay in India since they don't have the authorization to lead business/modern or exchanging action directly or indirectly. Henceforth, an organization that just has a Liaison Office doesn't come under the taxation policy of India.
  • 9. Is it possible to upgrade a LO into a BO with the same PAN and Bank account ?
    Yes, it is possible for Liaison Offices to upgrade to a Branch Office. All they require is to re-assign the account as a Branch Office account.
  • 10. Is it possible for a Liaison Office to trigger a permanent establishment status in India ?
    If a foreign organization sets up an immediate business association with the Liaison Office, at that point it can trigger lasting foundation status in India.
  • 11. Is it possible for an AD to approve the transfer of assets of a Liaison Office/ Branch Office or Project Office to a third party who is a resident ?
    Indeed, an AD bank can offer approval for the transfer of the assets.
  • 12. Can an Indian subsidiary company abroad get approval for opening a BO in India within the automatic route ?
    No, an India-based subsidiary organization abroad can't open a BO in India inside the automatic course.
  • 13. Do AD banks require to get a UIN form Reserve Bank for Project Office ?
    No, AD banks needn't bother with the UIN form RBI. They have the power to offer UIN form for Project Office.
  • 14. Is there any time restriction for the number of employees on the payroll ?
    No, there are no limitations on the number of representatives on the payroll. We work with organizations of all sizes.
  • 15. Where can I get more details on how to access the payroll outsourcing service ?
    You can simply call us at +91-80-4153-0620 (IN) to know more about our payroll outsourcing services in Bangalore.
  • 16. Will the payroll outsourcing services include the feature of payslip generation ?
    Yes, we offer payslip generation feature as a part of one of the best payroll outsourcing services.

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