Business Valuations

Business Valuation is a complex subject and requires expertise. Our valuation experts having decades of valuation experience can help you in every aspect of your valuation. Be it share valuations for issue of securities or Valuations under FEMA Guidelines or Valuations under Transfer pricing or overall company valuation for mergers and acquisitions you can get all expertise under one roof. At TYA our business valuation experts have been handling valuations of business interests, investment valuation, intangible assets valuations, valuation of securities, Valuation of preferred stock, warrants or option valuations, Valuations of Complex Financials instruments like CCPS, CCDs and various other complex instruments. Our exceptionally qualified valuation services team counts senior members of esteemed professional societies such as Chartered Accountants, CPAs and registered Valuers. We provide all kind of valuation services under one roof.

Start-up Valuations

Start-up Valuations has always been a subject matter of arguments. Regulatory authorities in India have been questioning the same over and again. In spite of Angel tax relief, many start-up don't fall into the eligibility criteria and have to bear the burnt of the department if valuations are not done properly by experts. Complexities increase more when you have to adjust the valuations for various investor rights line Downward protection rights, Anti-dilution rights etc. Our start-up Valuation Expert will handle all for you.

Valuations Under Ind AS

At TYA, we nurture a team of professional business valuation Ind AS valuation consultants. We help businesses determine the value for their stakeholders, after the validation of the organization's financials, comparable associations, and the application of DCF, and various other intricate methods. Busines valuation of complex financial instruments like valuation of CCPS etc can be done in other complex methods like Backsolve method of valuations considering waterfall methods valuations. A small miscalculation in valuation or selection of wrong valuation methods can cost a bomb to the company. Get your valuations done through business valuation experts with decades of valuation experience.

Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)

At TYA, we have vast experience in performing purchase price allocations under IFRS, IND AS and U.S. GAAP reporting purposes. Our business valuation partners have unmatched experience having performed various business combination engagements in the past decade, providing a both domestic and enterprise valuation of assets. At TYA, only accredited business valuation experts can conduct valuation for our clients. We have seen lot of instances where the financials were restated due to wrong PPA Analysis at the time of acquisition of business. Get in safe hands and get your PPA Analysis done by our team of business valuation experts with hands on experience of handling large PPA assignments.

Goodwill Impairment Testing

Most of the Valuation experts in the industry don't have sufficient GAAP knowledge. To perform Goodwill Impairment testing and related assignments, the valuation experts must have knowledge of GAAP your company is working on. Without this, the company ends up spending significant amount of time in co-ordination with valuation experts and accountants. Save the time of your team with TYA Valuation Experts who have domain knowledge of various GAAPs in addition to valuation expertise.

ESOP Valuations

ESOPs valuations are again of complex nature. Each company have their unique ESOP Plan. More than doing the ESOP Valuation, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the unique ESOP plan of your company. Our Valuation experts have the decades of experience handling ESOP Valuation from small to large organizations. Get accurate ESOP Valuations from TYA company valuation experts.

Valuation Under Income Tax Act

Business valuation under Income Tax is done differently. Most of the time, it is different than the normal valuation guidelines. The valuation rules are specified Under Rule 11U, Rule11UA, Rule 11UAA, and Rule 11UB for various provisions that cover valuation options incase of various assets including equity shares and other securities. It is pertinent that the valuer has in-depth knowledge Income Tax regulations to perform valuations under Income Tax Regulations. TYA Valuation Experts in India has requisite skills to perform valuations under Income Tax Act.

Valuations Under Companies Act

Section 247 under Companies Act, 2013 (India) read alongside Companies (Registered Valuation and Valuers) Rules, 2017 (Rules) brought the idea of registered valuers to streamline the practice of valuation of stocks, property, shares, securities, debentures, or goodwill or any other assets or net worth of a business or its liabilities in India and to regulate the practice of valuation in line with global standards leading to transparency as well as better governance. At TYA our business valuation expert has requisite certifications required under the act to perform the valuations.

Other Valuations

You may need corporate valuation for various other internal or external purpose other than defined above. Business valuation may be required for mergers and acquisitions, arranging the swap ratio, valuations at the time of family settlements and many more. TYA enterprise Valuation Team is one stop solution for all your valuation requirements.
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